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  • The new Citroën ë-C3 will arrive in Europe in early 2024 for 25,000 euros.

    Many brands are struggling to bring cheap electric cars to market, Citroën is no exception Many automotive manufacturers are aware that they have a great opportunity to become a successful brand in the electric age of automotive. The success of this recipe is well known to all, offering cheap electric cars with acceptable fuel efficiency and […]

  • Re-elected Toyota president Akio Toyoda reveals that an electric GR sports car is in the works

    Toyota claims to be working on its first electric sports car GR A few days ago, it emerged that Toyota shareholders were very upset about how the brand is dealing with the shift towards electrification, even calling for a vote to oust Toyota’s president; Akio Toyoda, who despite stepping down from his position as chairman of the board of directors, has been […]

  • New milestone for Microlino to produce its 1,000th electric

    Big celebration at the Microlino factory after producing the 1,000th electric Ever since we first met the Microlino, you could see, even in the early design stages, that this was a completely adorable little electric car that would cause a big sensation. And so it is proving to be, the Microlino is a success and […]

  • Ferrari expects to have its Maranello factory ready for electric cars by 2024

    It won’t be until 2025 that Ferrari unveils its first pure electric car Traditional automotive brands have a big challenge ahead of them in terms of total brand electrification, an aspect that is even more pronounced in brands like Ferrari whose DNA is sports cars and sound. The biggest challenge […]

  • Nyobolt shows its ultra-fast charging technology with a Lotus Elise… Electric!

    Nyobolt’s charging technology has charged the battery of the electric Lotus Elise in just six minutes We looked at it and looked at it again and yes, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a Lotus Elise and… it’s all-electric! The original designer of the Elise himself, Julian Thomson, has been part of this […]

  • Terrible news for Rivian and the value of its shares (RIVN) is confirmed.

    The RIVN stock that corresponds to Rivian will definitely leave the Nasdaq 100 in the coming days A few weeks ago we made a small analysis of what was happening with the value of Rivian (RIVN) on the stock market, and one of the conclusions we came to comment on will finally be executed. Rivian, is a company that […]

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Electric cars are the future because of the great economic savings they offer to their users, as they can consume up to half the fuel of a combustion engine. In addition, the impact on the environment of these engines is much lower due to the low C02 emissions generated by electricity.