2024 Jaguar I-Pace improves looks but performance remains the same

The electric feline Jaguar I-Pace gets new looks in its new version 2024

Jaguar was one of the first manufacturers to take the plunge and launch a 100% electric version on the market, an interesting SUV-crossover called the Jaguar I-Pace, which has been on sale since 2018.

Over the years Jaguar has made some changes to the I-Pace to keep this model still “young” and current in the face of the ever-increasing competition in the market.

Now Jaguar has announced new changes to the I-Pace, although most of these changes are only design and aesthetic changes, as the powertrain remains the same, an aspect that perhaps it would have been interesting to give it an overhaul.

It is also curious that Jaguar has gone from being one of the pioneering brands in total electrification to being one of those that do not launch new pure electric vehicles on the market, andfrom 2018 to date only markets the Jaguar I-Pace as a 100% electric option.

What’s new in the Jaguar I-Pace 2024?

Below we will tell you what’s new in this new facelift that the brand has given to the Jaguar I-Pace, although we already anticipate that we are not facing a great revolution.

Perhaps the most striking aesthetic feature is the replacement of the gloss black honeycomb front grille, which has now been eliminated and replaced by a completely closed panel, as electric cars require much less cooling, allowing the grille and front grille to be opaque and closed.

Another aesthetic novelty is found in the front bumper, exactly in the decorative appliques that are located under the headlights, instead of being black plastic now have been painted in a gray colour or as an option in the same colour as the body.

New colours and new 22-inch alloy wheels with carbon fibre accents are also now available.

In terms of performance, the Jaguar I-Pace 2024 remains the same as the previous version, with its electric motors delivering 400bhp and 0-100km/h acceleration set at 4.5 seconds. The battery is still 90 kWh and its maximum range reaches almost 470 kilometres under the WLTP cycle, which is undoubtedly one of the most negative aspects of the vehicle, and despite having a large battery, its range is not particularly remarkable.

As for the battery, the maximum charging power is 100 kW, a charging power that is already somewhat lower than that of the competition, as we are already used to having charging powers that easily exceed 100 kW.

The price of the different versions of the Jaguar I-Pace 2024 have not yet been revealed but the brand has already advanced that it will provide this information in the coming weeks.

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