Acura’s first electric car begins testing

First test drives and still camouflaged images of Acura’s electric car

Acura, the premium division of Japanese carmaker Honda, has shown for the first time its future all-electric Acura ZDX car on the road. Although still in camouflage, it’s still great news that makes clear the brand’s stance towards electrification.

While it’s true that, as we’ve said before, Honda is not a brand that stands out when it comes to electrification, as it has lagged far behind on the electric car journey, with a long list of competing brands that have several models on the market that are 100% electric.

For the moment, Honda has only one electric car on the Spanish market; the Honda e, a 100% electric utility car with a limited range, which has not convinced the public. The Honda Prologue electric SUV is also scheduled to arrive in Europe, although it will first land in the United States around 2024. Earlier this month, Honda also unveiled the Honda CR-V FCEV, a hydrogen-powered SUV.

Based on Honda’s electrification strategy planned for this decade, the automaker plans to launch electric vehicles developed in conjunction with GM for both Honda and Acura. Its overall goal is to launch a total of 30 electric models by 2030 and to become an all-electric brand by 2040.

Turning to Acura’s electric car, the first for the brand, we know nothing at this stage about its technical specifications or even its design, although something is faintly hinted at in the images provided, which, for the moment, show the vehicle in camouflage.

Acura’s first electric car is expected to arrive in 2024, following its official unveiling in 2023. The models being tested are: ZDX and ZDX Type S. From the brand, they comment, The ZDX prototype is being rigorously tested and tuned to optimise the SUV’s dynamics and overall driving experience.”

It was in mid-August, during Monterey Car Week, when we saw the Acura Precision EV concept, which gave a first glimpse of the electric SUV that the brand is preparing, but it is very likely that the design of the concept will differ significantly from the one that will eventually go into production, although the brand says that “it will feature many of the styling themes” that debuted in the concept. Continuing with Acura, there are also rumours that the next Acura NSX sports car could be all-electric.

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