AEHRA shows off the spectacular interior of its electric SUV

New Italian premium electric car brand gives new details about its first car

Last July we told you about AEHRA, a new Italian electric car manufacturer whose segment is aimed at the so-called premium and even ultra-premium (that’s how they define themselves).

Since then we haven’t heard from them again until now, when the brand wanted to give us details (photos) and information about the interior of their electric SUV.

The first thing that AEHRA wants to highlight is that the interior of its first electric car will be a totally new experience to what is currently seen, and thanks to its 3 meters wheelbase the interior space will be spectacular so that up to 4 or 5 occupants (there will be two possibilities) can enjoy a more than comfortable ride.

In this regard, the brand indicates that the interior can comfortably accommodate four NBA players, giving us a hint that the space will be generous.

AEHRA also wanted to emphasise that the vehicle will be highly technological, partly thanks to its huge screen that will cover the entire width of the vehicle and can even extend upwards when the vehicle is parked, making you feel at home watching TV, at the cinema or in a meeting room.

AEHRA design director Fillippo Perini had this to say about this innovation:

“From the outset, the AEHRA SUV and the saloon we will introduce early next year were designed as true digital-age products to reflect and adapt to the modern, busy lifestyles of our customers. With the screen fully extended, occupants can relax and enjoy a movie, perhaps when the car is charging or when a parent is waiting to pick up a child from school or a party. And for those who have work to do, the screen and spacious interior provide the perfect solution for video conferencing. Instead of looking at your smartphone or laptop, you can sit back and not only see everyone on the call in perfect high-definition clarity, but also hear them in crisp, crystal-clear audio quality.”

Also important to note is the use of materials in the interior, where AEHRA wants to give this ultra-premium touch by using hand-stitched premium Italian leather in addition to using other premium materials throughout the vehicle.

At the same time, the Yoke (yoke) steering wheel is once again the protagonist in a vehicle and AEHRA has opted for this design being something that we find more and more in new vehicles, at least in concepts and prototypes.

A remarkable aspect that is sure to be the focus of attention is the opening of its four doors, being gull-shaped which improve access to the interior of the vehicle without having to bend down.

Finally, AEHRA has indicated that it will introduce its second electric car, a sedan, in April 2023 and the first deliveries of its vehicles are expected to take place by the end of 2025.

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