AFEELA, Sony and Honda’s electric car makes its debut at CES 2023

Honda and Sony confirm that this electric car will go into production in 2026.

In recent years Sony has been showing new details of its electric car, but more as a demonstration of how its software could be integrated into an electric vehicle than anything else.

A few months ago it was confirmed that Sony together with Honda will develop and manufacture electric cars and the first of these has been unveiled at CES 2023.

Under the name AFEELA, Sony has once again given details of its electric car and, importantly, an estimated production and delivery date.

On this point, Sony has indicated that its electric car will begin taking pre-orders in the US in the first half of 2025, with first deliveries of those orders scheduled for spring 2026.

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AFEELA, Sony’s electric car brand

At Sony’s presentation at CES 2023, the Japanese brand referred to the name AFEELA at all times, implying that the vehicle shown would be called AFEELA, but Sony later clarified that it was the name of the brand that will encompass all of its electric cars.

In terms of performance data, Sony was very conservative and reiterated some data already provided in previous years as the power of the electric car that thanks to its two engines generates a power of 400 kW (536 hp) that enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds. The car’s top speed is set at 240 km/h (150 mph).

Sony focused more on the details of the technology of the AFEELA electric car, which is the Japanese brand’s strong point, while the car itself will be manufactured and developed by Honda.

The vehicle shown at CES 2023 by Sony has a total of 45 sensors, 5 sensors more than those shown last year and whose aim is to achieve autonomous driving.

In addition, and as expected, one of the strong points of Sony’s electric cars will be the infotainment offered and few people doubt that we can enjoy a PlayStation or similar inside.

We should remember that just a few days ago NVIDIA also showed its GeForce NOW proposal to bring thousands of games to cars, and even Tesla already has Steam integration in its new Model S and Model X.

Sony also announced that in order to take the in-car experience to another dimension, it will partner with Qualcomm, which will offer a specific platform for the sector called “Snapdragon Digital Chassis”.

afeela coche electrico sony honda interior

It is true that Sony at this CES 2023 in terms of its electric vehicle has not shown great news, although we do believe that it has given some very interesting information that confirms that the Japanese brand is very serious about launching its own electric car and that it will not only focus on developing software for other brands in the automotive sector.

It is still a few years away from the market, it will arrive in 2026, but we are convinced that in the coming months we will continue to learn more details of this impressive and peculiar electric car from Sony.

Here is Sony’s full presentation at CES 2023. From minute 58 and 40 seconds they talk about AFEELA and Sony’s electric car.

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