Aiways secures recycling in Europe with two partnerships

Aiways creates partnerships at European level to ensure recycling of vehicles and batteries

The Chinese company Aiways has announced several Europe-wide agreements to ensure the recycling of end-of-life vehicles and their batteries in Europe. Aiways’ Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations Alexander Klose commented:

“Aiways ensures, together with its strong partners, that the applicable regulations and laws are implemented and complied with at all times. This applies not only to the collection of end-of-life vehicles, but also to damaged batteries from accident vehicles”.

To carry out the recycling, Aiways has teamed up with Priorec in Germany and Green Vision in France, with the latter carrying out a pilot project with Aiways’ high-voltage components for use in battery-powered energy storage systems and motors for use in electric leisure boats. Currently, Aiways has delivered four older Aiways U5 test vehicles for this purpose.

Aiways U5

As for the battery, Aiways claims that the modular design of the battery and the propulsion system make them easily recyclable. Green Vision founder Yann Lelong said:

“The sandwich structure of the battery, in particular, is perfect for recycling. The entire battery pack can be removed without much effort, and the individual modules can be taken out easily and quickly, thanks to the innovative structure of the Aiways design”.

The drive unit consists of the motor, inverter, gear unit and control unit in a single housing. It can thus be used directly in other applications, such as the above-mentioned electric pleasure boats.

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