Apple’s electric car will be launched in 2026 for less than $100,000.

New reports point to 2026 as the date for the presentation of the Apple Car and many other surprises.

It has been a long time since we had any news about Apple’s big project and secret, its electric car, a project that has always been talked about but is still very secretive.

The situation of the automotive sector is opening the door to the arrival of new companies, generally technology companies that can contribute their knowledge to an increasingly digitalised sector.

We have already seen how Xiaomi and Huawei have taken the plunge, but none of these have raised as much expectation as the possible arrival in the sector of a giant such as Apple.

A new leaked report on the development of Apple’s electric car indicates that it is expected to be launched on the market in 2026 (just under four years), will have its own Apple Silicon chip developed in-house, will be priced at less than $100,000 and will not have full autonomous driving from the outset.

This last point, full autonomous driving, has always been one of the issues surrounding Apple’s revolutionary electric car, but it seems that in order to move the project forward, this option will be delayed.

Bloomberg has been in charge of revealing all this information, initially through Apple insiders who have given very important details about Apple’s Titan project.

Regarding autonomous driving, Apple will delay it, something that will affect the initial planned design, as it will include a steering wheel and pedals, even so the Cupertino company will offer autonomous driving on highways with the desire to be able to offer multimedia service in the meantime.

Another important aspect is the price of the Apple Car, reports suggest that the company’s aim is to offer a price below $100,000, which gives us an idea of the type and segment of the public to which this Apple “product” will be aimed.

One important aspect that should not be forgotten is that Apple will develop its own chips for the Apple Car. Sources quoted by Bloomberg indicate that the new chip will be approximately the same as four chips in the most powerful current Macs put together.

Apple Car: First designs for 2023 and technical specifications for 2024

Finally, the sources who have provided this information have confirmed that there is currently no design/sketch of the Apple car, the first designs and prototypes will be ready by 2023 and the technical specifications will be unveiled a year later, in 2024.

Even so, we will have to wait two more years, 2026, for Apple to supposedly commercialise its electric car.

As you can see, there are still many unknowns as to whether Apple will really end up entering such a complex and competitive sector as the automobile industry, but if it does, we know that it will go with a premium product, probably very different from what the other brands offer.

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