Apple’s latest patent gives new clues to its electric and autonomous car

The Apple Car will not be just another car, and a new patent filed by the Cupertino-based brand indicates as much.

At this stage, few people doubt that in the future, in a few years’ time, Apple will officially present its autonomous electric car. We don’t know if it will be called Apple Car or if it will be given another name, but in recent months we have been receiving signs that they are working on it.

Apple has always been a brand that has tried to keep its new products secret, although due to the era in which we live, the era of connectivity and communication, it is increasingly difficult for that to be possible.

We have our own cases in which Apple has been affected on several occasions, since days or weeks before the official presentation of the new iPhone we have already been able to know some features and design.

With Apple’s electric car it is true that very little information is leaked and comes to light, although from time to time we receive news about it, as is this time where thanks to a patent registered by Apple gives us a hint of some unique feature that may have its electric car.

Specifically, this new patent reveals the system for opening and closing the doors, a system that we could classify as unconventional and which will be a distinction.

The Apple Car, a car without a B-pillar and easy entry and exit to and from the car

The patent filed by Apple shows an image detailing the patented innovation in question, the first thing we notice is that the opening of the doors, both for the front and rear seats allow a 180º opening, this in principle will help the entry and exit of the vehicle to be carried out in a much more comfortable way.

The patent also indicates that the doors will be fitted with proximity sensors, sensors that will indicate whether the doors can be opened fully or whether they can only be opened slightly, although the system also includes a manual door-opening option.

Apple has categorised this door system in the patent as adaptive positioning doors.

patente puertas apple car

It is important to note that filing a patent does not directly imply that this innovation will end up being applied in a product, but rather that it is a way of keeping the technology in the pipeline for future use.

It is true that knowing Apple, we are sure that its electric car with the intention of being an autonomous car in the future will not be just another electric car and will be something different from what we have seen so far.

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