Audi announces activesphere concept, the latest in the brand’s concept family

Audi activesphere concept to be unveiled on January 26th

The latest member of the Audi concept family already has an official presentation date. The Audi activesphere concept will be unveiled on 26 January. As we said, it is the latest member of the ‘sphere’ family, of which we have already seen three concepts before: skysphere, grandsphere and urbansphere.

Although the brand announced last summer that this fourth concept would be presented, it was not known when it would be presented until now. Although at the moment the images provided by the brand show the vehicle in shadow, as confirmed by the brand, it will be an all-electric crossover coupé.

All the concept cars in the ‘sphere’ family share the same futuristic design and exaggerated, yet imposing forms, making it very clear which segment each of the vehicles in the range belongs to. In addition to the image shown last summer, Audi has now also shared a teaser that subtly shows parts of the vehicle:

Although they are only concept vehicles at the moment, it is expected that both the design and the technology will eventually find their way into future electric models from the brand with the four rings.

In addition, all models share the electric propulsion system and are systematically designed to enable autonomous driving. Audi says: “Together, the sphere concept cars illustrate Audi’s vision for the premium mobility of tomorrow.

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