Audi Urban Purifier, a particulate filter for electric vehicles

Audi tests fine dust filter for electric vehicles

Audi has embarked on a new electrification-related pilot project, this time focusing on dust filters. To solve the problem of particulate emissions, the German company has presented the Audi Urban Purifier, a fine dust filter for electric vehicles.

Irrespective of the type of vehicle propulsion, 85 percent of the fine dust in road traffic is caused by abrasion from brakes, tyres or the road. The smallest dust particles, which are only a few micrometres in size, can easily be inhaled, which is very harmful to health.

As we say, this is a pilot, in which MANN+HUMMEL has partnered with MANN+HUMMEL to develop a particulate filter for electric cars that collects particles from the environment, both while driving and while charging.

The developed version, which is located at the front of the vehicle, ensures that particulate emissions from the car itself, as well as from other vehicles, are absorbed. The filter element is controlled via the switchable cooling air intake. Dust particles are trapped in the filter and the air can continue to flow through it.


Audi and MANN+HUMMEL are working to link it to weather stations, and also plan to develop a display in the vehicle that will make it possible to determine when the system is active and how much has been filtered. The pilot project was launched in 2020 and will run for a period of four years. So far, the filter has been used in the Audi e-tron electric model.

In the tests carried out so far, they have also checked whether the technology affects the overall use of the vehicle, which they have determined has no influence at all after driving more than 50,000 kilometres, both in extreme temperatures and during rapid charging.

A life cycle analysis of the entire filter system has shown that 14.9 kg of CO2 equivalents will be obtained. The filter in question is composed of 15% recycled material and the entire system is 60% recycled.

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