Autonomy and performance of the Vinfast VF6 and VF7

The Vietnamese company gives new details of the VF 6 and VF 7 and they are not bad at all.

Vinfast didn’t want to miss the CES 2023 (Consumer Electronic Show) party that took place in Las Vegas and where companies show their latest technological advances.

Years ago the presence of the automotive sector at CES was practically anecdotal but now things have changed a lot and technology is very present in the automotive sector.

The Vietnamese brand Vinfast, among other things, has taken the opportunity to unveil the performance and range of two of its upcoming electric cars, the VF 6 and VF 7, the first of which falls into the B segment, i.e. a utility car, while the VF 7 covers the C segment (compact).

Vinfast already has two electric cars in the pipeline, the VF 8, both mid-size and full-size SUVs covering the D and E segments respectively.

Range and performance Vinfast VF 6

Let’s start by talking about the smallest of the Vinfast “family”, the VF 6, the VF 6 has dimensions of 4.24 metres long, 1.82 metres wide and 1.59 metres high. The wheelbase is 2.73 metres.

Vinfast will offer the VF 6 in two versions from the outset, the so-called ECO version, which offers 177 hp thanks to its front-axle engine and will be equipped with a 59.6 kWh battery capacity, enabling it to achieve a range of 399 kilometres under the WLTP cycle.

On the other hand, the Plus version will be offered, it also maintains the engine on the front axle but its power is increased to 204 hp, the battery is the same as the previous version and its range is reduced to 381 kilometres under the WLTP cycle.

The Plus version will be fitted with larger 19″ wheels compared to the ECO version’s 17-inch wheels, as well as more premium materials and finishes such as vegan leather upholstery and a panoramic glass roof.

Vinfast VF 7 range and features

The Vinfast VF 7 measures 4.54 metres long, 1.89 metres wide and 1.64 metres tall. Its wheelbase is 2.84 metres. Like the VF 6, the VF 7 is available in two versions (ECO and PLUS).

The ECO version offers a power output of 204 hp thanks to the front-axle motor and is equipped with a 75.3 kWh battery that offers a range of 450 kilometres under the WLTP cycle.

As for the PLUS version, power is increased to 353 hp thanks to its two electric motors and all-wheel drive, the battery is the same size, 75.3 kWh, and its range drops to 431 kilometres.

In terms of technology, both the VF 6 and VF 7 will feature Level 2 ADAS functions in all versions.

Vingroup Vice President and CEO of VinFast Holding, Le Thi Thu Thuy had this to say at CES 2023:

“VinFast always strives to provide diverse vehicle options to meet the demands of the majority of customers, while driving the transition from ICE to all-electric vehicles. VinFast’s VF 6 and VF 7 are models that combine the elements of style, modern technology and outstanding technology into an efficient and fun package. I believe these models will resonate well with young customers who are passionate about technology and exciting driving experiences”.

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