BYD announces the creation of two new electric vehicle brands in 2023

BYD celebrates the production of its 3 millionth new energy vehicle

BYD is celebrating after reaching the milestone of producing its 3 millionth new energy vehicle. The company, said:

“The launch of the 3 millionth NEV is not only an important milestone in BYD’s history, but also the vital milestone of witnessing the acceleration of global green mobility. In the future, BYD will continue to collaborate with partners from various sectors to achieve high-quality development. Within the framework of this collaboration, BYD will also persist in facilitating the progress of the global new energy vehicle industry and accelerating our mother planet’s transition to a greener world.”

Currently, BYD has entered with its new energy vehicles in more than 400 cities, 70 countries and regions of 6 continents, being some of these markets: Norway, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and others. From the brand, they assure: “in the future, BYD’s new energy cars will enter more markets and will be manufactured and sold all over the world”.


BYD also took the opportunity to announce its matrix of five brands: Dynasty, Ocean, Denza, Yangwang and a new brand specialising in professional and customised identities, which will cover family and luxury cars. Two of these brands will be all-electric, and are expected to be a reality by 2023.

Dynasty and Ocean are BYD’s core sub-brands, while Denza is a brand focused on premium vehicles in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, which currently owns 10% after reducing its 50/50 equal stake earlier this year.

The company has also announced its intention to launch another pioneering technology, which will follow other technologies such as its Blade and CTB batteries, which will be fitted for the first time in the new Yangwang brand model. This new brand will be high-end, and the first model to be launched will arrive in the first quarter of 2023, with rumours that it will be an SUV.

Also next year, BYD will launch a new brand based on professional and personalised identities with the stated aim of “meeting diversified consumer demand”. At the moment, no further details of this new brand are known, not even its name, so we will have to wait for more details.

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