BYD has the ultimate electric car for 8,100 euros and 300 km range.

The large Chinese manufacturer BYD has in its possession an electric car that will be a sales success.

Can you imagine an electric car for only 8,100 euros with a range of 300 kilometres? You’re probably thinking that never in your wildest dreams could you have imagined such a thing. However, BYD will launch the BYD Seagull, an electric car that meets all these requirements, in 2023.

BYD is one of China’s major automotive manufacturers, whose commitment to electric cars has been clear and decisive for years, which has given it a privileged position with respect to the competition.

One of the major objectives of automotive manufacturers in this electric era is to launch a cheap and affordable electric car for the majority of the population, and BYD seems to have the solution.

BYD Seagull, the electric car with a range of 8,100 euros and great autonomy

As you already know, the reason why an electric car has a high price is largely due to the battery, the most expensive element of the vehicle, and it is in this component where most car manufacturers are making an effort to reduce costs.

Rumours in the Chinese press suggest that BYD has developed a sodium battery that substantially lowers the production cost of the vehicle, resulting in the BYD Seagull.

The BYD Seagull, according to the Chinese press, will be launched in two available versions, a more economical version with a price of 8,100 euros, which mounts a sodium battery and a range of 300 kilometres and a version of greater autonomy with a lithium battery whose price amounts to 10,800 euros and approves a range of 400 kilometres.

As you have been able to see, both prices are really economical considering the range offered by this electric vehicle, which could become a sales success in practically any country where it is marketed.

BYD has not made any statement on the matter, but it has been possible to see the BYD Seagull in several road tests, so all the rumours are gaining more and more strength.

BYD could be the first manufacturer to produce sodium batteries on a large scale, a type of battery that is cheaper, safer and lighter than lithium batteries, although the downside is that they offer lower energy density, although it more than compensates for the advantages they offer.

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