BYD Seagull unveiled, a small electric car for 8,200 euros

First photos of the BYD Seagull, a small electric car that could break the electric car market due to its attractive price, have been leaked.

It is not the first time, nor the last time, that the first photos of a new vehicle have been leaked through the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Before being manufactured, each brand has to submit all the documentation of the vehicle in question to the Ministry for approval, which means that many vehicles are known through this channel before they are officially released by the brand.

The latest to be leaked is the BYD Seagull, a small electric car that is not only expected to be a success in China, but also in Europe and the United States.

The BYD Seagull could be a great option for getting around big cities, thanks in part to its small size, as the BYD Seagull is 3.78 metres long. But the most interesting thing is in its price, the price of the BYD Seagull in China will start at 60,000 yuan (about 8,200 euros).

Last December we told you about the BYD Seagull, after being hunted with camouflage, but today we can finally see its design uncovered, as you can see in the photos.

As you can see, the BYD Seagull has a very attractive exterior design, on a par with similar models from European brands but at a much cheaper price.

Also remember that according to initial specifications, the BYD Seagull has a range of up to 400 kilometres in its most complete version. If confirmed, it will undoubtedly be the best performance/price ratio you can find in an electric vehicle to date.

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