BYD to manufacture its electric cars in Europe

Chinese carmaker confirms it will build several electric car factories in Europe

BYD is very serious, the Chinese manufacturer does not want to be a mere marketer of its vehicles in European countries, but also wants to manufacture its cars in Europe.

At the very least, this is a paradox, as European and American carmakers are increasingly focusing on manufacturing their vehicles in China, while BYD is going the other way round, manufacturing part of its cars in Europe.

But BYD ‘s commitment (Build Your Dreams) goes even further, as it will not only build a single plant in Europe, but will almost certainly build at least two factories in Europe.

Just a few months ago, we learned of BYD’ s electric offensive for Europe with the initial launch of three electric cars.

BYD’s competition is not Tesla, but combustion cars.

All of BYD’s aforementioned intentions were confirmed by the company’s executive vice-president, Stella Li, in an interview with Bloomberg.

In the interview, Li confirmed that BYD plans to produce electric cars in Europe, which will require at least one or two plants.

Regarding the location of these two new plants, the BYD vice-president indicated that they are currently evaluating different locations, although no decision has yet been taken 100%.

As a curious fact, Li also confirmed that BYD is creating its own fleet of ships, as the current transport companies cannot meet 100% of the company’s needs.

Finally, in the interview Li was also asked about his possible big competition, Tesla, which he answered very aptly indicating that Tesla’s success is a consequence of people’s adoption of the electric car and that the real competition is combustion cars. It’s certainly a top 10 answer, don’t you think?

Let’s hope that BYD will consider Spain as an optimal location for one of its factories in Europe as it would be really beneficial for the Spanish automotive industry.

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