California Energy Commission awards $21 million grant to Aptera

Aptera gets $21 million grant from California Energy Commission

It looks like Aptera is on track to finally become a reality, as they have recently announced a $21 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC), with the goal of accelerating the world’s first zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) to scale manufacturing. Aptera co-CEO Chris Anthony said:

“Working with the CEC allows us to produce zero-carbon, grid-free solar mobility while creating new jobs for all Californians (10% target in underserved communities).

Our overall goal is to meet the demand for our solar electric vehicles to make a real impact on climate change, sharing CEC’s ultimate mission.

The company says the manufacturing project now backed by the CEC will “rapidly bring Aptera’s vehicle and component manufacturing to the mass market in California”. In addition, Aptera plans to move an innovative line specialising in the manufacture of Aptera in-wheel motors from Europe to California as it expands.


The announced funding will be provided through the CEC’s ‘Clean Transportation Programme’, which aims toaccelerate the development and deployment of advanced vehicle technologies.

The announcement comes shortly after the company unveiled the launch edition of its three-wheeled solar electric car, which it also recently said it would provide fast charging.

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