Details of the new climate control system to be introduced by Volkswagen in the VW ID.7

Volkswagen promises a new air-conditioning experience in its next vehicles, we tell you all about its innovations

Volkswagen has started the year 2023 with a bang, and at CES 2023 it unveiled the long-awaited Volkswagen ID.7, previously known as VW ID.AERO.

It will be the brand’s next electric car to join the .ID range and will occupy the sedan segment, i.e., we could say that it is the counterpart of the VW Passat but with a 100% electric powertrain.

It is true that Volkswagen kept a lot of things from the ID.7 at the presentation, as the vehicle could be seen but accompanied by a new and very spectacular and curious light camouflage system.

If nothing changes, Volkswagen will present the production ID.7 along with all its features at the Munich Motor Show, which will take place in mid-September 2023, in the meantime the brand is going to give some details of the vehicle, albeit in dribs and drabs.

One of the innovations that the German manufacturer has brought forward is the air conditioning system that the ID.7 will have for the first time, and we will detail some of its benefits.

Intelligent, more efficient air conditioning system

Volkswagen’s new climate control system will allow some very interesting features to be configured, such as being able to tell the system to regulate the fans with more or less force at specific times, such as when opening or closing the doors, in order to heat or cool the passenger compartment as quickly and effectively as possible.

But perhaps the greatest innovation is the automatic regulation of the horizontal nozzles that are integrated throughout the dashboard. These nozzles will move automatically to offer the greatest comfort to the occupants, and will even take into account the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays to target the hottest areas and cool them down. This will be made possible by a sensor installed in the windscreen itself.

In addition, voice control will play a special role: by giving very specific commands, such as saying that your hands or feet are cold, the vehicle will direct the nozzles towards the driver’s or passenger’s hands or feet to warm up that cold area of the body as soon as possible.

Finally, the Volkswagen ID.7 will allow you to save several profiles, each profile will save the climate control settings, allowing you to set one mode or another according to your preferences, something that is very useful when the vehicle is driven by several people.

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