Elon Musk warns again: Lucid Motors is close to death

One of Tesla’s biggest competitors, Lucid Motors is going through a difficult time.

Lucid Motors surprised the world with its first 100% electric premium sedan, the Lucid Air, a car that from the outset has been compared to the Tesla Model S in terms of both range and performance.

It is true that in these aspects there has been a great rivalry with the aim of making the Lucid Air a little better than the Tesla Model S, but Lucid Motors is not going through a good moment.

It is just over a year since Lucid Motors began delivering the first Lucid Air units in the United States, marking a major milestone for a “rookie” manufacturer in the sector, as we all know how many new automotive brand projects fail to produce a single unit.

It seemed that the hard part was done and Lucid Motors was already starting to focus on its second electric car, the imposing Lucid Gravity SUV, and even a smaller 100% electric sedan to rival the Tesla Model 3 was hinted at.

However, these are not good times for Lucid Motors, and the third quarter of 2022 has seen the number of reservations for the Lucid Air drop considerably from 37,000 units to 34,000 units, a clear sign that the Lucid Air is losing interest in favour of other options on the market.

To avoid this situation, Lucid Motors has launched a very aggressive strategy to avoid losing more reservations and has literally bombarded people who cancelled their reservations with up to 14 calls to try to reverse the situation.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was quick to comment on the situation and said: “They don’t have long for this world”. This really indicates that according to him Lucid Motors is close to disappearing.

In fact, Musk’s opinion is not new, as he already indicated at the beginning of 2022 that both Rivian and Lucid Motors were heading for bankruptcy.

Elon Musk has experienced firsthand how difficult it is to build a company from scratch in the automotive sector, and now many start-up manufacturers are experiencing it firsthand.

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