Euro NCAP publishes ‘Best in Class 2022’, with Tesla in the spotlight

These are the best electric cars of 2022 by segment according to Euro NCAP.

Throughout the past year, we have been learning the results of the safety tests that Euro NCAP has been subjecting various electric car models to. As the year draws to a close, Euro NCAP has published its list of the best electric cars classified by segment, which it calls ‘Best in Class 2022’. Although we will go into detail on each of the segments and models, Tesla clearly stands out with two of its electric models.

To obtain the ‘Best in Class’ results, Euro NCAP calculates the weighted sum of the scores in each of the four assessment areas: adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian and safety assistant. It is important to note that the analysis of the cars is based on standard safety features only, thus excluding optional features.

Starting with the E-segment, Euro NCAP awarded the award for the best electric car in this category to the Tesla Model S, which in its test scored all five stars and a score of 94% for ‘Adult Occupant’, 91% for ‘Child Occupant’, 85% for ‘Pedestrian’ and 98% for ‘Safety Assist’. Moving on to the ‘Pure Electric’ category, we once again came across the Tesla Model S.

tesla model s 2022 euroncap

In the ‘Large Family’ segment, the new Hyundai IONIQ 6 also received the highest five-star rating in its test, scoring 97% for ‘Adult Occupant’, 87% for ‘Child Occupant’, 66% for ‘Pedestrian’ and 90% for ‘Safety Assist’.

In the ‘Large SUV’ category, a Chinese car, the WEY Coffee 01, takes the title. When subjected to Euro NCAP safety tests, it achieved five stars and an ‘Adult Occupant’ score of 91%, ‘Child Occupant’ 87%, ‘Pedestrian’ 79% and ‘Safety Assist’ 94%.

In the ‘Small Family’ category, another Chinese model from Great Wall (like WEY), the ORA Funky Cat, also scored the highest five-star rating, scoring 92% for ‘Adult Occupant’, 83% for ‘Child Occupant’, 74% for ‘Pedestrian’ and 93% for ‘Safety Assist’.

Finally, in the ‘Small SUV’ category, we find the Tesla Model Y. Once again, a model from the American manufacturer, which in its test also earned the five stars and obtained the following score: 97% in ‘Adult occupant’, 87% in ‘Child occupant’, 82% in ‘Pedestrian’ and 98% in ‘Safety Assist’.

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