Extreme E season 3 schedule 2023

New locations added to the calendar of the 100% electric Extreme E competition

This coming weekend (26th and 27th November) will mark the end of the second season of Extreme E after the last race in Uruguay and days before this happens we already know the calendar of this spectacular 100% electric competition for next year.

It seems like only yesterday that the first race of these 100% electric SUVs prepared to cross any terrain, however impossible it may be, was held, but the first race dates back to 2021, in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

Behind this competition is Alejandro Agag, founder of the already popular Formula E, whose commitment remains the same, the exclusive use of electric vehicles whose impact on the environment is minimal.

And in part, the Extreme E competition has a large dose of protest and vindication towards human beings and the damage that their actions are causing to the Earth as climate change, as each race and location of the Extreme E is perfectly selected and linked to raise awareness of a real problem that exists today and that many people avoid looking at.

Extreme E (Season 3) race locations and dates

The organisers have now released the countries and dates for Extreme E season 3, which will take place in 2023.

The first race will take place on 11-12 March 2023 in Saudi Arabia, followed by a visit to Scotland on 12-14 May, a visit to Italy on 8-9 July, the first Extreme E race in the USA or the Amazon (to be confirmed) on 16-17 September and finally the last race in Chile on 2-3 December 2023.

extreme e calendario 2023 carreras temporada 3

Alejandro Agag, CEO and founder of Extreme E said the following words after the presentation of the 2023 season:

“We have had two spectacular Extreme E seasons so far and the third promises to be even more exciting. All of us here at Extreme E look forward to revisiting some of the incredible racing locations we’ve visited so far, and to building on the impacts we’ve had in those areas and further developing our vital legacy programmes as we continue to raise awareness of the climate crisis. I’m proud to see the positive impact our electric series has had and to see what more we can bring to the communities there. It’s also extremely exciting to potentially add a race in the US or Brazil to our world championship, while returning to the UK, the birthplace of top-level motorsport, is fitting. We can’t wait for the 2023 campaign to begin as the race for the planet continues.”

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