First details of the long-awaited electric KIA EV9

Are you considering buying the future KIA EV9? If so, you’ll be interested in these initial specifications

There are vehicles that, even if they don’t exist yet, cause great expectation. This is the case of the KIA EV9, which, since it was presented in concept form at the end of 2021, has created a great deal of interest. Since that presentation, we have seen many leaks about the vehicle, such as its interior, as well as seeing it in camouflage undergoing final technical tests.

With a confirmed arrival in Europe for 2023, the brand is conducting small surveys to interested parties which, in addition to collecting information from the brand to know in which direction they should go to make the KIA EV9 a sure success, are also revealing some of the technical specifications that the brand is considering.

The survey shows five equipment options and different ranges, starting at 355 km and going up to 465 km, asking customers which of the options they would choose. But that’s not all, because the South Korean brand also reveals the prices it is considering, which range from $56,000 (almost €51,500 at current exchange rates) to $73,000 (around €67,000 at current exchange rates). Based on this, two options are offered: the most basic with rear-wheel drive and 200 hp, and the higher-priced one with all-wheel drive and 400 hp.


In other words, the base configuration would offer rear-wheel drive and 200 hp, and up to 355 kilometres of range. All this, with a price of 56,000 dollars, which would increase by 5,000 dollars in case you want to increase the range to 465 kilometres and get 907 kg of towing capacity, 19″ wheels, sunroof and premium seats. Two versions would therefore be offered with these specifications.

The higher versions, of which there would be three, offer all-wheel drive with 400 hp and 480 Nm, enabling acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 (in the highest version), and a range of up to 420 kilometres. In this case, the towing capacity increases to 2,040 kg, 21″ wheels with black rims, a full sunroof and increased ground clearance, as well as all other extras. The price of the top version is estimated at $73,000.

Importantly, regardless of the version chosen, all variants feature two-way charging (V2L), with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) also offered on the higher trims. In the entry and mid-range version, the $68,000 AWD version with 400 hp and 420 km range, a 7-seat layout is possible, while the other three versions are set at 6 seats.

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