First front-end image of the Volkswagen Group’s Scout electric pick-up truck

First front-end image of Scout’s electric pickup unveiled

Volkswagen Group’s US brand Scout has released the first image of its all-electric pickup. The image, which is currently blacked out, does not give many details about the vehicle in question, but it does remind us that work continues on the vehicle.

Last May, the launch of an all-electric pickup and SUV for the US was announced under the VW Group’s Scout brand. In the announcement, two sketches of the vehicles were shown, but no information was revealed beyond the fact that they will be vehicles destined exclusively for the US market, where such vehicles are very popular.

bocetos de la pickup y SUV eléctrica de Scout (Grupo Volkswagen)

The brand is inviting the newly created ‘Scout Community’ to participate in the project. Scout Motors CEO Scott Keogh said:

“The Scout enthusiast community has preserved Scout’s heritage. Since 1980, these owners and enthusiasts have kept Scout alive. We are delighted to be part of the community and want to encourage interaction and sharing as we reimagine this American icon.

We started this forum to nurture an open dialogue with our community members, to hear what they expect in new Scout vehicles, and to build a central place where Scout enthusiasts past, present and future can come together as one.”

As announced a few months ago, production of the two vehicles is scheduled to begin in 2026. Next year, the Scout brand is expected to unveil the first two prototypes.

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