First interior photos of the Volvo EX90

The first images of the Volvo EX90 convey a lot of luxury

A few days ago Volvo spoke for the first time about the Volvo EX90, a 100% electric vehicle that will be a before and after for the brand.

What we learned is that it will feature the latest technology to achieve new safety standards in the automotive sector and that it will offer the utmost in luxury and comfort.

Today Volvo has spoken again about the EX90, although this time it has provided what are the first two images of the interior of the vehicle, although we already anticipate that you are not going to see much.

The reason for showing these images is to talk about the special emphasis and effort that the Swedish brand is making to offer a comfortable, luxurious and sustainable interior by using certain materials.

The pictures in question are specifically of a part of the seat and one of the air conditioning nozzles.

Cecilia Stark, Senior Design Manager at Volvo said:

“We have chosen materials based on our values. These choices leave behind old-fashioned automotive luxury and express our Scandinavian foundations. With the Volvo EX90 we take the customer’s well-being as our design starting point.”

For the time being, we will have to wait until 9 November to find out the technical specifications of the Volvo EX90, when it will be officially unveiled.

Here is a video where they talk about the use of this type of materials and the brand’s objective in this respect, which is to offer a new concept of premium interior but which differs from what we understand today as “luxury”.

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