First photos and video of the $29,900 Fisker PEAR electric car

The Fisker PEAR crossover SUV will be the brand’s second model and it looks really good.

When the famous designer Henrik Fisker announced his new adventure in the automotive sector many thought that it was not going to come to fruition and that his initial proposal, the Fisker OCEAN was going to remain a mere prototype and initial designs.

However, time has shown that Fisker is very serious and now that the Fisker Ocean is on track after the start of production at the Magna plant in Austria, it is time to focus efforts on its next electric car, the PEAR.

Unlike the Fisker Ocean which is being built by Magna, the PEAR will be built by Foxconn, the Taiwanese company known for, among other things, making some Apple products.

The roadmap for the PEAR is for production to start in 2024 and sales to be global, i.e. it will be marketed in the US, Europe, China and other countries.

The really surprising thing about the PEAR is that Fisker intends to market this crossover at a very competitive starting price of $29,900, which will offer a range of up to 500 kilometres.

It is undoubtedly a vehicle that will fight to be one of those “cheap” electric cars that so many manufacturers are working on a model with similar characteristics.

Now we have seen for the first time a real photo of the Fisker PEAR, and not only that, but it has also been seen on the streets of Los Angeles as you can see in the following video.

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