First photos of Xiaomi’s electric car, the MS11

Photos of the Xiaomi MS11, the Chinese technology brand’s first electric car, have been leaked.

Xiaomi is very serious in its commitment to a new business niche, that of electric cars, a very competitive sector, the automotive sector, but with the transition to the electric era is giving the opportunity for new brands and companies to enter the market, as is the case of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi requires few introductions, as it is one of China’s major technology brands, popularly known for its smartphones and scooters, although its list of products is endless.

A few days ago, we told you about Xiaomi’s electric car, specifically about an internal leak that gave us a clue as to the price of Xiaomi’s car. Today, however, the leak has come in the form of photos and images, the first images we have been able to see of the Xiaomi MS11, the name given to the brand’s first electric car, the name of which was unknown until now.

Although the date of presentation of the Xiaomi MS11 has not yet been announced, we suspect that it will take place in a few months at most, and Xiaomi’s goal is to produce and market this model by 2024.

Now with the leak of these first photos we can see the aesthetics on the outside of the Xiaomi MS11, the brand has chosen to give it a modern design accompanied by a curved silhouette that is not aggressive but at the same time elegant. The front and rear light clusters will be one of the hallmarks of the vehicle, being different from the rest and that will distinguish it from other vehicles on the market.

Once again, a glass roof is being used, an option that is becoming more and more popular as it offers a greater sense of space in the interior.

The photos also show a protrusion in the roof, where the Lidar system, cameras and radars are housed, and it should be remembered that the aim of Xiaomi’s electric car is to be a very technologically advanced vehicle.

It is true that there are still many things to be known about the Xiaomi MS11, such as its performance, although leaked internal reports suggest that it will be a vehicle with 260 kW (354 hp) of power and that it will have a version of an 800-volt electric system, thus enabling ultra-fast charging.

The Xiaomi MS11 will first be marketed in China, presumably in 2024, which will serve as a litmus test so that in the coming years it can also reach other markets such as Europe and the US.

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