First real image of the cheap Citroën electric car

Citroën plans to launch an electric car to compete with the Dacia Spring

The automotive manufacturer that succeeds in launching an electric car with acceptable performance and a breakthrough price will undoubtedly be the brand that will take a significant share of sales of this type of vehicle, which is growing year after year.

To give an example, in Spain the sale of electric cars in 2022 increased by 31% compared to 2021, and Spain cannot boast if we compare it with other European countries in being a great “adopter” of the electric car.

Citroën, a brand of the Stellantis group, is aware of this and is currently working on launching an affordable electric car, a car that can compete with the Dacia Spring, the Romanian brand of the Renault group that is having such good results in terms of sales.

Citroën already has some electric cars on the market, such as the Citroën ë-C4 and the Citroën ë-C4 X, as well as the small Citroën Ami, but without a doubt its big bet to become one of the leading brands in electric car sales is this vehicle.

A few hours ago, the French brand shared a photo of the front of this new electric car, which all indications are that it will be the Citroën ë-C3.

The strategy of the Stellantis group in all its brands is being the same, to launch a 100% electric option of its vehicles, not betting for the moment to launch exclusive models with electric motor.

Little information is known about the Citroën ë-C3, except for this new image that the brand has shared, and is that in terms of specifications the French brand continues without revealing anything, although we can get an idea of what it can offer as it will be developed under the same platform used in other electric vehicles in the group, the e-CMP platform, although with some other details, and is that it will be a platform adapted for more compact vehicles, so we could have some other surprises.

If we focus on the specifications, which as we said have not been revealed, it is rumoured that Citroën chooses to launch two versions, a basic version with a battery of just 30 kWh and an electric motor of 60 kW of power (82 hp). Its range is expected to be around 250 kilometres under the WLTP cycle.

As for the other version, it is estimated that its range could be greater, reaching 300 kilometres.

Obviously, the brand has not indicated a price range, but if it really wants to compete with the Dacia Spring, the Citroën ë-C3 should not exceed 20,000 euros or at least be very close to it.

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