First spy shots of Polestar 4, the direct competition to the Tesla Model Y

Spotted! The Polestar 4 is seen for the first time in testing, although still with a lot of camouflage.

After officially unveiling the Polestar brand’s second electric car last October 2022, dubbed the Polestar 3, we’ve now seen the first spy photos of what appears to be the Polestar 4, the Polestar 3’s little brother, which is posed as clear competition for the Tesla Model Y.

We know there is a Polestar 4, but the brand has not yet revealed anything about it. Although we still don’t know anything about its technical specifications, we have been able to take a peek thanks to some spy photos of what appears to be the Polestar 4. The images were taken in China, and the person who took them said that the vehicle came in a truck that also transported other Geely vehicles such as the also electric Lotus Type 133.

As can be seen, although for the moment the vehicle is quite camouflaged, the dimensions are smaller than those of the Polestar 3 and, there are some similarities in certain design lines with what is expected to be its direct competitor; the Tesla Model Y. According to the author of the images, the wheelbase is similar to that of the Zeekr 001, although with a slightly shorter overall length, which in the case of the Zeekr 001 is 4.97 metres.

Polestar currently has the Polestar 2 on the market, which has recently been updated. In the very near future, the Polestar 3 is expected to arrive and, somewhat later, the Polestar 4. Of course, we should not overlook other models such as the Polestar Precept (Polestar 5), which is an electric sports car that is at an advanced stage, and which we recently saw in person at a brand event held at the Polestar Space located in Madrid. The Polestar 4 is expected to be launched later this year.

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