Following user demand, Aptera to feature fast charging

Aptera rectifies and will equip all its vehicles with fast charging and hopes to count on Tesla’s help.

Last week we finally got to know the launch version of the Aptera, a peculiar solar electric car that seeks something very specific, to be a very efficient vehicle and that thanks to the sun it is not even necessary to charge it for day to day life.

With the announcement of the launch edition of the Aptera, some of the vehicle’s features were revealed, and something that users and future customers did not like very much was that at least the launch edition of this vehicle did not include fast charging.

This is certainly a major drawback, as it means having to wait longer to charge the battery, so in travel situations and where time can be an issue, it is a major drawback that could put off the purchase of this vehicle.

However, Aptera has listened to the widespread criticism and opinions of its customers and just days after the launch of the Aptera has confirmed that finally all versions of the Aptera (including the launch version) will have fast charging.

With this update, Aptera has now confirmed that its vehicles will be equipped with fast charging with power ratings between 40 and 60 kW, although versions with 100 kW charging capability will also be launched in the future .

In addition, Aptera has detailed that it will provide the Tesla connector, and the Supercharger network in the United States covers more than 60% of the total number of existing chargers, so it may be a reason for users to purchase an Aptera. Of course, we will have to wait for Tesla to open the Superchargers to the rest of the brands, something that if nothing changes should happen throughout 2023, remember that in Europe there are already hundreds of Superchargers released.

Below you can see a video from Aptera that addresses this issue.

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