Ford subtly showcases its next electric car, the Puma E

On the occasion of the Ford Fiesta’s farewell video, the American brand shows its successor, the Puma E, in just a few seconds.

The success of the Ford Mustang Mach-E has only served to encourage the American brand to continue its commitment to electrification, and the next car to see the light of day will be the Ford Puma E.

The Ford Puma E will be a compact electric car that will partly replace the Ford Fiesta, a legendary model of the brand which is now a thing of the past after the brand decided to stop producing this model.

On the occasion of this event, Ford released a farewell video of the Ford Fiesta, showing its most iconic versions and hinting at the end of the video of what will be its replacement.

Although very subtly, you can see when the garage is opened the front of what is the Ford Puma E and next to shows a charging point for electric cars Ford, hinting at what is the relief of this legendary model.

Below you can see the video dedicated to the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Puma E will be one of 7 electric models to be launched by Ford in Europe.

Ford is very determined to go for the electrification of its vehicles and according to its roadmap from 2024 will launch up to 7 electric vehicles for the European market and being a 100% electric brand by 2026.

As for the Ford Puma E, it will be a compact car in the B-segment and will add to the current offer of this type of electric vehicles that are increasingly in demand.

Although the Ford Puma E has been spotted in this video dedicated to the Ford Fiesta in a subtle way, it will not be until 2023 when the brand will officially present it and a year later, 2024, when the Ford Puma E will be launched on the market.

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