Ford subtly teases its next electric car to be launched in 2023

First image of Ford’s next 100% electric car

Not even the most optimistic people thought that Ford would be so successful with its first electric car, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and even more so when the American brand took the risk of giving the Mustang name to a crossover SUV.

Some fans of the brand saw it as a mistake, although the sales figures have finally proved Ford right that it was the right decision.

Thanks to the acceptance of its 100% electric car, the American brand has continued to push towards full electrification and in 2023 we could see the next Ford electric car.

Remember that the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup is also on sale in the United States and is also proving to be a sales success.

The general manager of Ford’s electric division in Europe was in charge of subtly showing what is the first image of the brand’s next electric car, which has been designed in Cologne (Germany).

The image shows just a glimpse of the vehicle’s headlamp, but it does give an idea of the segment, which will be a crossover, a segment in high demand in Europe.

It is important to remember that Ford is making a major investment in its Cologne (Germany) factory, an investment amounting to 2,000 million dollars that will result in the manufacture of around 1.2 million electric vehicles in Europe over the next few years.

Below you can see the tweet posted by Martin Sander with the car under a tarpaulin, revealing just part of the front end.

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