Foxconn unveils two electric cars, a pickup and a crossover

Taiwanese manufacturer unveils the Foxtron Model B and the Foxtron Model V

A few days ago we told you about the Foxtron Model B, a new electric car designed in collaboration with Pininfarina and manufactured by Foxconn, the Taiwanese giant best known for being the company that makes Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Foxconn saw a perfect opportunity to apply its industrial and manufacturing know-how to the automotive sector, and the electric era seemed like the perfect time to make the leap into electric mobility through its new Foxtron brand.

Foxconn will not only offer the “service” of manufacturing electric cars to other brands, but will also have its own brand.

Over the last few months we have been learning more details of the Foxtron electric cars, and now we have to add two new models, the Foxtron Model B, which we already gave details of a few days ago, and the Foxtron Model V, a 100% electric pickup.

These two vehicles have been officially presented in Taiwan where we have been able to see both vehicles in person.

The Foxtron Model B is a crossover with some very interesting features such as its range of 450 kilometres and its low aerodynamic coefficient, which is only 0.26. The brand has highlighted that despite being a vehicle of only 4.3 metres in length, it has achieved a wheelbase of 2.8 metres, thus offering great habitability in its interior.

With regard to its electric pickup, the Foxtron Model V, the manufacturer was much more terse and we have barely been able to find out any details about this imposing pickup. All we know is that it will have a payload capacity of up to 1 tonne and a towing capacity of 3 tonnes.

This vehicle stands out for the use of electronic mirrors (cameras) accompanied by a large screen in the interior that integrates the instrument panel with the aim of improving the vehicle’s safety.

The Foxtron Model V pickup will be manufactured in Taiwan, Thailand and the United States, the latter being an important market for this type of vehicle where many manufacturers are already working on launching their own electric pickups.

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