Future Mazda 3 could become an electric sedan

Next-generation Mazda 3 to adopt a new segment and aim to be a compact sedan

The Japanese manufacturer Mazda is one of the brands that could be described as being at the tail end of the electrification of its vehicles, and it only has the Mazda MX-30 on the market, a compact SUV that is not very popular due to its low performance and autonomy.

Coincidentally or not, we are seeing that Japanese manufacturers in most cases are being very reluctant to adopt electric vehicles, although they are finally “jumping through hoops”.

If we focus on Mazda, we can affirm that we hardly know about their electrification plans, nor is there any news of a future electric car to be announced for 2023, although we are absolutely sure that Mazda has some plans on the table.

What’s more, thanks to a leaked Mazda patent, we have a glimpse into the future of its popular Mazda 3, which will become a 100% electric compact sedan.

This change of segment in a specific model has already been seen in other brands, for example the Renault Megane E-Tech has gone from being a compact to become an SUV-Crossover.

Mazda 3 electric will be a compact sedan

An image or design of the future Mazda 3 gives us some information about what we can expect from this facelift, although we can only base this on assumptions.

As you can see in the image, the Mazda 3 adopts a larger size, a bigger “butt” and a more generous interior space making us think that we are looking at a compact sedan.

mazda3 patente coche electrico

The interior space is also larger thanks to one of the characteristics of electric cars, and is that the elimination of the transmission tunnel and have a flat floor makes gain considerable space.

The floor space reserved for battery storage is rather small, which leads us to think that either Mazda will have very thin but very efficient batteries, or the electric Mazda 3 will have a long range, which will be its Achilles heel.

Obviously this patent registered by Mazda does not ensure that this electric vehicle will be manufactured but it does guarantee that Mazda is working towards this path and we hope that during this 2023 we can learn more about Mazda’s electrification plan and hopefully Mazda’s new electric cars.

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