GAC Aion Hyper GT, the production electric saloon with the best aerodynamic coefficient, unveiled

GAC Aion Hyper GT all-electric sedan officially unveiled

GAC took advantage of the last moment of the year to unveil the all-electric GAC Aion Hyper GT sedan , considered the production vehicle with the best aerodynamic coefficient, at just 0.19. The unveiling took place at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2022.

The GAC Aion Hyper GT is a clear evolution of the GAC Time concept unveiled in 2021, with a clean, aerodynamic design. As a performance vehicle, it features upward-opening doors, as if it were a sports car.

The grille, although initially fully closed, opens at speed, again improving aerodynamics and therefore range. The rear spoiler is also activated for the same purpose, deploying from speeds of over 80 km/h.

Another highlight of the Hyper GT is the technology it integrates, made possible in large part thanks to the equipment of sensors, radar and cameras distributed throughout the vehicle. GAC has not yet released the vehicle’s technical specifications, although it has said that it will be offered in single- and twin-motor variants, as well as offering fast charging and a battery swapping service.

Unfortunately, all indications are that the GAC Aion Hyper GT will be aimed exclusively at the Chinese market.

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