Geely Geometry C, the Chinese brand’s first electric rival to the MG4

The Chinese group Geely is finalising its arrival in Europe and its first model will be a talking point: the Geely Geometry C.

The Chinese group Geely is one of the most important and powerful manufacturers currently existing in China and is now preparing its arrival on the European continent with its own brand.

The Geely group as such, it is true that it already has a commercial presence in Europe through some of its brands such as Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, Smart or Lynk & Co, but for next year it wants to go a step further and reach the European market under its own brand, Geely.

On this occasion, Geely will launch its brand in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, having reached an agreement with a major Hungarian distributor, Grand Automotive Central.

In this way, Geely has decided to start its European adventure in the countries where electric vehicles are most widely used, such as Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.

Geely Geometry C, the first of many

As we have already mentioned, the first electric car to be marketed under the Geely name in Europe will be the Geometry C, a compact crossover that will meet the strong demand for this type of segment (C) in Europe and will directly compete with models such as the Cupra Born, VW ID.3, Renault Megane e-Tech Electric, Nissan Leaf and MG4 Electric.

Regarding the latter, the MG4 Electric is likely to be the most similar model to the Geely Geometry C, both in terms of performance and price, although its price has not yet been revealed for Europe.

The Geely Geometry C to be sold in Europe will be powered by a 150 kW (204 hp) engine and will be available with a choice of two battery sizes, a 53 kWh and a 70 kWh battery. According to the data provided by the brand, the 53 kWh battery will achieve a range of 400 km under the NEDC cycle and the larger 70 kWh battery will exceed 550 km.

Remember that the NEDC cycle is one of the homologation cycles that is furthest from reality and therefore in normal daily use we will not obtain this range.

It is likely that once Geely is established in Europe, it will offer the rest of the electric offer it currently has in China, such as the Geometry E SUV or the Geometry A saloon.

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