Geely is preparing an electric saloon based on the SEA platform used in Polestar, Zeekr and Lotus cars.

Geely gives first glimpse of a future electric coupé sedan based on the company’s SEA platform

China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, better known as Geely, has revealed a teaser of a future electric car. From what appears in the video, it can be confirmed that it is a sedan, probably large and minimalist in appearance, as shown in the video.

It has also been revealed that Geely’s new coupé sedan will be launched under a new brand name. It is based on the Group’s SEA platform, on which electric vehicles from brands such as Polestar, Zeekr and Lotus already exist. Going back to the video, one can glimpse certain similarities with the Chinese BYD Seal. Will this be Geely’s bid to compete with the Seal?

It is expected that this new large all-electric sedan from Geely will be presented in its production aspect this year 2023, probably at the Shanghai Motor Show. Everything seems to indicate that it is a vehicle belonging to the premium segment, so the price is expected to be somewhat high. It is not known whether this new electric car from the Chinese brand will end up coming to Europe.

For the time being, we will have to wait to find out what Geely’s plans are for this vehicle, the brand to which it will finally belong and, of course, all the technical details of this luxury saloon.

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