Geely’s premium brand Zeekr is also coming to Europe in 2023.

The Chinese group is increasing its electric offensive in the European market with its most premium brand, Zeekr.

Just a few days ago, we told you that Geely will soon be arriving in Europe by launching cars under its own brand and not under other brands belonging to the Chinese group but which are better known in Europe, such as Volvo, Polestar or Lotus, among others.

Now, in addition to this Geely offensive, the arrival of the group’s premium brand, Zeekr, which will also have a presence in Europe in 2023 and will do so with an initial offer of no more and no less than 4 electric cars.

It seems more than obvious that we are going to have to get used to new brands in the coming years, brands that are currently completely unknown to the European public, such as Geely or Zeekr, but which will soon be another option in the automotive sector.

The hegemony of the automotive sector controlled by European and American brands seems to be coming to an end and Chinese brands are arriving with a lot of strength and renewed wisdom.

A start in Europe with 4 electric cars

Currently, Geely’s premium brand Zeekr has two electric vehicles in its portfolio, the Zeekr 001 and the 009 MPV. But as we have already mentioned, with the arrival of Zeekr in Europe it will offer a total of four vehicles.

This means that in the coming months Zeekr will introduce two new electric cars, most likely a four-door saloon and a mid-size SUV in a lower segment than the 009 MPV.

As for the existing vehicles, the 009 and 001, we can say that next year they will be fitted with CATL’s innovative Qilin batteries, and that models sold in Europe will probably be fitted with these batteries.

These batteries allow great autonomies, and for example for the Zeekr 001 the brand has promised that it will exceed 1,000 km under the CLTC cycle (cycle used in China) and that for the Zeekr 009 minivan its autonomy will be 702 km for the 116 kWh battery and 822 km for the large 140 kWh battery.

As you can see, Zeekr and the Chinese Geely group are not messing around and the range of their vehicles are among the best on offer.

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