Goodyear introduces tyre made of 90% sustainable material

Goodyear brings a tyre made of 90% sustainable material to CES 2023

On the occasion of CES 2023, which is currently being held in Las Vegas (USA), Goodyear has presented its new tyre, made of 90% sustainable material. This tyre has passed all regulatory tests, making it suitable for use on the road.

In addition, this new tyre has also shown in tests to have a lower rolling resistance compared to tyres made of conventional materials, a very important aspect, especially in electric vehicles in terms of rolling noise.

This new tyre with 90% sustainable materials includes 17 ingredients in 12 different components, such as: carbon black for extended life, soybean oil to maintain flexibility, silica to improve grip, polyester, resins to improve traction, wire to reinforce the structure and certified mass balance polymers from bio-circular and bio-circular raw material.

For the moment, Goodyear is focusing on producing the tyre introduced last year, with up to 70% sustainable material content, by 2023. The brand is aware that bringing a tyre with 90% sustainable materials to market will require further work to identify the scale of materials needed to produce the tyre on a large scale. Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel said:

“We continue to make progress towards our goal of introducing the industry’s first 100% sustainable material tyre by 2030.

The past year has been pivotal in achieving this goal. We researched new technologies, identified opportunities for further collaboration and used the tenacity of our team to not only demonstrate our capabilities to produce a tyre with 90% sustainable materials, but also to produce a tyre with up to 70% sustainable material content this year. Our team continues to show its innovation and commitment to building a better future.”

As for its competition, it has also come up with innovative ideas before. Focusing on the use of sustainable materials, last summer, Michelin introduced tyres with more than 50% sustainable materials. In addition, other manufacturers such as Apollo Tyres, Hankook or Pirelli (and the Goodyear brand itself) have also presented interesting solutions specifically for electric cars.

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