Harrier, Sierra and Curvv, Tata’s three new electric cars

The Indian manufacturer has presented its electric offensive, its big bets to launch in Europe and the United States.

The Indian manufacturer Tata does not want to miss the electrification “party” either, as it is undoubtedly a great opportunity for manufacturers who want to establish themselves in new markets.

Tata, India’s largest automotive group and currently in possession of prestigious and recognised brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, has few introductions to make.

In recent months and even years, perhaps all the threat from European and American manufacturers has been focused on the Chinese brands, which are currently demonstrating that they can be great competitors in this electric era, but perhaps India, an emerging country that for many is considered the new China, was forgotten.

Coinciding with the Auto Expo 2023 held in New Delhi, Tata presented the concept versions of its three upcoming electric SUVs: Curvv, Harrier and Sierra.

What the Tata Harrier, Sierra and Curvv look like

The Tata Curvv is a concept crossover that was shown last year (2022) and will be launched in India in 2024. There is no confirmation that it will come to Europe, but in terms of segment, design and performance it could be a great option.

tata curvv

The Tata Harrier is an old acquaintance, as this model (in its thermal version) has been in production since the end of 2018 and it is now expected that the 100% electric version will be marketed.

In terms of performance, it is expected to have a 60 kWh battery capacity and a range of around 400 kilometres.

tata harrier

Finally, the Tata Sierra will be launched, due to arrive in India in 2025.

All three vehicles could undoubtedly be vehicles that could be marketed in Europe and we believe that they could have a high degree of acceptance among the public, so we can say that European and American manufacturers now have a new “enemy” and it comes from India.

tata sierra

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