Honda e:N2 concept, unveiling the second electric model in its e:N electric series

Honda unveils the e:N2 Concept, the second all-electric model in the e:N line-up

Honda has surprised with the presentation of the e:N2 Concept, the second all-electric model in the e:N range, after the Honda e:NS1 SUV, composed of electric vehicles for China, where it is planned to be electric by 2030. The unveiling coincided with the Fifth China International Import Expo, which is currently being held in Shanghai, China.

The Honda e:N2 Concept is an all-electric sedan with a very minimalist exterior design, featuring mostly LED light strips at the front and rear. It is also easily identifiable as a vehicle from the Japanese brand, partly because of its sharp lines that give it that aggressive and sporty touch that is characteristic of the brand.

Inside, the brand has paid particular attention to occupant comfort and integrated technology, with Honda Connect functions, as well as implementing aromas and lighting in the cabin to, as they say, “realise the value of this electric vehicle as a space where occupants can enjoy intellectual euphoria”.


More technically, the Honda e:N2 is based on the e:N Architecture F platform, a specific architecture developed exclusively for the e:N series. Director, President and Executive Representative of Honda Motor Co, Toshihiro Mibe, said:

“The e:N2 Concept represents the value of our e:N series, which will redefine the fun that electric vehicles can offer customers with its unique driving pleasure, value as a mobility space and design. In China, Honda will continue to offer a wide range of electrified mobility products unique to Honda and experience our renaissance as an electric mobility brand.”

At the moment, the vehicle’s technical specifications are unknown, as well as when the production version will be officially unveiled and when it is expected to be launched on the market. As we said, the launch is planned for China, although it cannot be completely ruled out that it will eventually arrive in Europe, where the brand currently only offers one electric car: the Honda e.

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