How the Fisker Ocean is built from start to finish (Video)

Spectacular timelapse of the manufacturing process of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

We have to admit it, we love to see videos of how a car is made from scratch, for us it has a special charm and probably many people like it too.

Today we are lucky enough to see how an electric car is made from scratch, specifically the Fisker Ocean at the Magna plant in Graz, Austria.

When the Fikser Ocean was unveiled it seemed that this moment would never come, the day when the first units of the Ocean would leave the factory for their new owners, but now we can say that this interesting electric SUV is a reality.

November 17, 2022 was an important moment for Fisker and it was the day that the production of the Ocean began and whose first units were already fully assembled and ready.

Now thanks to a video published by Fisker we can see how the Fisker Ocean is built and manufactured from scratch in just 3 minutes.

Timelapse video of the Fisker Ocean build process

Below you can see the “magic” in video, without a doubt a timelapse that leaves us glued to the screen during those 3 minutes that lasts this accelerated video that shows the entire assembly process of the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker and Magna, the company that manufactures the Ocean, face the challenge of increasing production of the vehicle in the coming months, as the company hopes to meet the targets set in 2023. These targets are based on being able to manufacture at least 300 units in the first quarter of 2023, in the second quarter the figure will be increased to 8,000 units and by the third quarter almost double the figure to reach 13,000 units manufactured in three months. In 2023, the company expects to produce around 42,000 units of the Ocean.

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