In 2023 Hyundai will only sell electric cars in Norway.

Hyundai sees it clearly in Norway and is going all-in on electric cars

Norway is the country that is setting an example in terms of the adoption of electric vehicles, and that country is several years ahead of the rest, which is allowing the sale of new combustion cars to be banned in Norway by 2025.

Europe will do the same but a few years later, specifically 10 years later, in 2035, as confirmed last June.

These bans prompted a flurry of manufacturers to bring forward their plans to end combustion cars, trumpeting their total conversion to an electric car brand.

Now Hyundai has taken a very important and bold step in Norway, something we will see other brands follow suit, and that is that from 1 January 2023 the Hyundai brand will only sell electric cars in Norway.

This means that Hyundai will offer its all-electric offering in Norway in 2023, which consists of the IONIQ 5, KONA Electric and the future IONIQ 6.

Managing Director of Hyundai Motor in Norway, Tomas Rosvold had this to say:

“We are very confident in our model portfolio, and now that we have launched the new IONIQ 6, the time has come to sell only all-electric cars in the Norwegian market. IONIQ 5 and KONA Electric have long been positioned as some of the most popular cars on the market, and we are confident that our pure electric cars will bring us continued success in the future.”

From outside the country we might think that Hyundai has gone mad and will lose a lot of sales, however the data over the last few years of sales in Norway supports the decision to only sell electric cars in Norway.

In the period between 2020 and 2022, the Korean brand has sold just over 25,000 vehicles, 92% of which have been 100% electric models, meaning that only 8% of Hyundai’s total sales in Norway are combustion models, a derisory percentage.

What is happening now in Norway is what we will see in a few years’ time in other countries where electric cars are taking over the sales of brands.

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