Introducing the KIA EV9 with swivel seats and more than 500 km range

KIA has unveiled its long-awaited 100% electric SUV and here we tell you about all the new features announced for the KIA EV9.

Although hours before the official presentation of the KIA EV9, the first photos of the exterior and interior of this long-awaited electric SUV were leaked, the Korean brand has managed to surprise us with some aspects of the vehicle, which we will detail below.

From the very first moment, KIA already anticipated that the design of the production EV9 was going to be very similar to the EV9 Concept presented months ago and as you can see in the photos the brand has been faithful to what was announced at the time.

The KIA EV9 is a highly anticipated electric SUV, as it is the continuation of the start given by the brand with its interesting electric EV6, and it will be the second pure electric model of the brand included in its electrification strategy.

Without further ado, let’s take a brief look at the exterior and interior of the KIA EV9.

Exterior details of the KIA EV9

As we have already mentioned, the exterior design of the KIA EV9 maintains the essence of the concept that was shown months ago and we can see its imposing shape where its aesthetics are approached in the form of very straight lines, which gives it that “mastodon” sensation.

All these straight lines make the optical groups, both front and rear stand out from the rest of the vehicle and make it one of the hallmarks of the vehicle, sure that if you see the car from afar you will know that this is the KIA EV9 and not another car.

At the front rear, the lights are perfectly integrated with a closed grille and thanks to the use of LEDs that run the full width of the vehicle together with vertical side LEDs, the optical play is very characteristic.

The same happens if we go to the rear, the lights are very characteristic and KIA has used straight vertical lines that run along part of the height of the car.

Finally, if we look at the car from the side, it is worth highlighting the use of handles flush with the bodywork, something very common nowadays that serves to improve the aerodynamic coefficient of the car and consequently make the car more energy efficient.

Interior of the KIA EV9 and its new technology

Moving on to the interior of the KIA EV9, the first thing that stands out is that the car can be configured for 7 or 6 occupants. This means that the car has a total of three rows of seats inside.

There is no doubt that this is a point in its favour, as very few electric cars on the market currently meet this need.

In addition, and continuing with the seats, KIA offers the option for the seats to swivel (up to 180º for the second row seats), which is specially designed to make it easier to get in and out of the car, or to opt for a configuration of the rear seats facing each other, something that has certainly surprised us a lot and which we also like.

In terms of screens, the KIA EV9 has two 12.3-inch screens that run along a large part of the dashboard and which will be used to manage the car’s infotainment system, a design that we are becoming accustomed to in the latest cars.

As for the KIA EV9’s technology, it will feature the new AutoMop autonomous driving technology as well as software update services via OTA.

Range and performance of the KIA EV9

Finally, let’s focus on the performance of the KIA EV9 and its autonomy, and here we have a bad surprise, and is that KIA has not wanted to provide any data and only quotes us for the end of March where there will be a digital world presentation and there if they will reveal these long-awaited data of this vehicle.

The only thing we know is that the KIA EV9 has been developed under the E-GMP platform of Hyundai Motors, so we can guess that some features and mechanics will be shared with those already seen in the KIA EV6 and the IONIQ 5.

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