Italdesign Climb-E, an autonomous concept capable of attaching itself to your house.

Italdesign brings its Climb-E autonomous concept car to CES 2023

The popular design studio Italdesign is celebrating its 55th anniversary and has once again showcased its ingenious designs at CES 2023, where it has brought the so-called Climb-E, a fully autonomous concept car. This new solution follows the Pop.Up Next flying car presented in 2018, together with Audi and Airbus.

The Climb-E, has been conceived by three major companies such as Schindler and the Polytechnic University of Turin, as well as Italdesign itself, using Easyrain technology. The idea of using the Climb-E, is its integration into the buildings themselves, for which the company wants to carry out an architectural study. They detail:

“Along with the intended private use, Climb-E can guarantee different services directly at people’s doorsteps, thanks to its ability to be integrated into next-generation and future residential and civil building structures.”

In short, Climb-E is an electric, autonomous and modular means of transport consisting of a capsule, designed for private use, which can carry up to four people and be coupled in motion to an all-electric platform. The most innovative aspect of this concept is its ability to be integrated into various places, both residential and work, becoming an additional room and/or extension.

In professional use, they indicate that it could be used for many sectors, such as: medical assistance, catering, private events, massages, hairdressing and, in general, home sales of various products. The whole system is managed through an APP that allows the booking of a trip or a specific service. Continuing with how it works, they explain:

“Scheduling a trip involves picking up the capsule directly from your flat, condo or office thanks to the lift system developed by Schindler and the subsequent transfer at street level to attach to the skate which is always pre-booked through the app. Once it has reached its destination, the capsule is released from the skate to be coupled with another elevator to place it on the right floor of the planned building (residential/office) or with another conveyor for longer journeys, such as the hyperloop.

Once their service cycle ends, the skids can meet the reservations of other users, or they can autonomously return to their charging and parking stations, to be available for future calls.”

More technically, the Climb-E offers a power output of 80 kW, through four motors integrated in the wheels, and the possibility to reach top speeds of up to 120 km/h. Its 65 kWh battery enables a range of around 320 kilometres, with 800V technology and supports maximum charging powers of up to 250 kW, providing a 10 to 80% battery charge in just 15 minutes.

The Climb-E capsule measures 3.66 metres long, 2.18 metres high and 1.90 metres wide, and can accommodate up to four occupants.

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