It’s official: the Pininfarina Battista is the fastest car in the world.

The Pininfarina Battista electric supercar breaks all records and becomes the fastest car in the world.

We know about the fast response of electric cars, and on some occasions we have even seen vehicles that are not necessarily sports cars outperform others that are powered by combustion engines. This time, we are talking about the Pininfarina Battista, which is a sports car and fully electric, which gives it even greater performance.

In fact, it is its performance that has officially made the Pininfarina Battista the fastest car in the world. The records were set at the Dubai Autodrome as it makes its debut in the Middle East, with launches in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Battista achieved the following times and records:

  • 0-100 km/h in 1.86 seconds
  • 0-200 km/h in 4.75 seconds
  • 100-0 km/h in 31 metres, making the latter feat a world record for an electric car
  • Range of 300 miles (EPA combined), again, a world record for an electric hypercar

The Pininfarina Battista is the most powerful Italian car ever made, with 1,900 hp and 2,340 Nm of torque, capable of top speeds of up to 350 km/h (second only to the Rimac Nevera), providing a range of up to 476 km WLTP. The Battista’s performance credentials were recorded and verified in Nardò, Italy, as part of its global testing and development programme earlier this year.

The Battista also features unique ‘Suono Puro’ sounds, which complement the driving experience and can be customised using one of the five driving modes offered by Hyper GT: Pura, Calma, Energica, Furiosa and Carattere. Automobili Pininfarina Product and Engineering Director Paolo Dellacha said:

“I am proud that our new electric hyper GT delivers on the promises we made when we set out our development plan. In the Battista, we have achieved performance beyond our original extreme targets.

Perfectly optimised weight distribution and a low centre of gravity are the basis for this result. The combination of a bespoke chassis and suspension, tyres proven over thousands of kilometres of testing and a four-motor torque vectoring that delivers unprecedented power, allow the Battista to be the fastest accelerating road-legal car in the world.

The Battista’s incredible technical package includes a carbon ceramic braking system, helping this Italian hyper GT become the fastest braking electric car in the world.”

The Pininfarina Battista is hand-built at the Atelier in Cambiano (Italy). Production began earlier this year, with deliveries already underway. It is planned that around 150 units will be produced, and each one of these examples will be totally exclusive, thanks to its 128 million different combinations. Its price, also very exclusive and therefore not very affordable, is 2.2 million euros.

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