JIDU presents its second electric car ROBO-02

JIDU uses the Guangzhou Auto Show to unveil ROBO-02, its second electric car.

JIDU, an electric vehicle manufacturer owned by Baidu, was established in March 2021 with $300m in seed capital, and is focused on autonomous driving technology and human-machine interaction. Now, JIDU has unveiled its second electric car, the ROBO-02.

This presentation took place on the occasion of the Canton Motor Show, held at the end of 2022. As we said, this is the second electric car from the brand, which is very close to starting deliveries of its first vehicle, the ROBO-01, for which it received an investment of almost 400 million dollars at the beginning of last year.

The new ROBO-02, whose technical specifications are not yet known, is similar in design to its sibling ROBO-01, although it is a sedan rather than an SUV. Also like its sibling, the ROBO-02 has no door handles, allowing the doors to be opened via Bluetooth or voice commands.

Aside from their design, they are also expected to share technology, one of the highlights of the Chinese brand, which even dared to challenge Tesla in autonomous driving. In addition, it has a partnership for the manufacture of smart electric cars with Geely.

If we recall some of the technical characteristics of the ROBO-01, they are expected to be the same or even better in the ROBO-02, so we can expect, at the very least, that it will be equipped with two Nvidia Orin X chips capable of offering up to 508 TOPS and a 100 kWh battery capable of providing more than 600 kilometres, although it is likely that being a sedan, it will provide a longer range with the same battery pack.

We can only wait for more details, hopefully later this year, of this interesting new JIDU ROBO-02 electric car. Last summer, JIDU also showed off its Apollo RT6 autonomous robotaxi, giving another glimpse of the technology the brand is working on.

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