KIA EV6 gets an upgrade with improved battery charging

KIA has released a software update that will improve the battery charging power at low temperatures.

The KIA EV6 is an electric car that is very popular, and it offers a nice design, power and good performance, however had an Achilles heel, and we say had because KIA has put solution through a software update.

Many users, especially in cold climates, agreed on a common complaint, and that is that the KIA EV6’s battery charging power was greatly reduced when the outside temperature was cold.

As you know, in order for the batteries to be able to support the highest possible charging power, they have to be at a specific temperature, otherwise the performance is lower, and this is what actually happened to the KIA EV6.

Although the KIA EV6 has an 800 Volt electric system and a charging power intake of up to 350 kW, it was not really used in some circumstances.

Now KIA has found a solution, a software solution that allows the temperature of the battery to be managed and controlled so that it is in perfect condition when charging.

Many brands and models of electric cars already include this interesting option, called battery pre-conditioning, which consists precisely of managing the battery temperature so that when it reaches the charger it is in the optimum temperature range to take advantage of the maximum charging power.

KIA has announced that new units of the KIA EV6 are already equipped with this software update, while the 2022 models will have to be updated to include this new function. Interestingly, KIA will not update the software of these vehicles remotely (via OTA), but EV6 owners will have to go to the workshop.

This feature is already a must in all electric cars, and the benefits of managing and maintaining the optimal temperature in the battery are too great to be ignored.

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