Lamborghini to launch its first electric sports car in 2028

Until then, Lamborghini will electrify through hybridisation.

The automotive sports brands are the last to take the definitive step towards total electrification, although they are aware that sooner or later they will have to do so.

There are exceptions, such as Porsche’s bold move with its spectacular Taycan, which is producing spectacular sales results.

Lamborghini, the well-known Italian brand, which belongs to the Volkswagen group, will be one of the last to take this decisive step, although today it has already set a date to present what will be its first 100% electric sports car.

Lamborghini’s CEO, Stephan Winklemann, has been in charge of indicating that in 2028 Lamborghini will present what will be its first electric car, in the meantime its bet will be on the hybridisation of its sports cars.

This hybridisation process is immediate, and 2022 is the last year in which we will see a new Lamborghini with a pure petrol engine, and from 2023 it will also be accompanied by a battery and an electric motor in this hybridisation process.

Hybridisation is Lamborghini’s bridge to its first electric sports car

The Lamborghini brand is synonymous with sportiness, sound and power and does not want to lose this essence, which is why Lamborghini hybrids are going to be vital in the coming years for them, and they even intend to stretch this combination to the maximum despite also offering 100% electric proposals.

In 2023 we will see the first hybrid Lamborghini, the Aventador HEV, and in 2024 it will be time to convert the Huracán and URUS into plug-in hybrids, thus offering its entire sports car line-up electrified in some way.

Lamborghini’s CEO gave an interview to Auto Express where he revealed some very interesting topics.

The first thing he emphasised is that until 2025 they have time to decide what to do in the future, after which they will have to take action.

“We don’t need to decide now, we still have some time. After 2025, we need to take action.”

He also indicated that Lamborghini’s first electric car will not be a replacement for the brand’s current models, but will be a new one.

“Fourth model that will be more usable on a daily basis. This means a two-door 2+2 car with more ground clearance.”

The bet is to be a car more for everyday use, more comfortable but without losing the essence of the brand, sportiness. Lamborghini has already shown with the URUS that it is capable of doing this.

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