Lancia Design Day: Lancia unveils logo and a new era of design through Lancia Pu+Ra Zero

New era and new logo – all the details from Lancia Design Day event

On the occasion of the ‘Lancia Design Day’ event held today, Lancia unveiled its design plans for the brand’s new electric era. To this end, it unveiled a new logo and showcased the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a “sculpture”, as the brand calls it, that previews the upcoming electric cars to come. Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano said:

“The new era of Lancia begins today with a new logo and a clear design vision.

As a preview of the new Ypsilon, the first vehicle of the new Lancia, we present Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto that inspires the vehicles to be launched between 2024 and 2028. A work of art in which the past and the future are in continuous contact, in which elegance is balanced with the radical spirit of the forms.

Today is the beginning of our rebirth, which will surprise Lancia fans all over the world.Lancia will once again be a desirable, respected and trusted brand in the European premium market. Today is the beginning of the new Lancia.”

New logo

Lancia’s first change for this new era is its logo, as we have already seen from other members of the Stellantis Group and other automotive groups. In its 116-year history, there have only been seven Lancia logos.

The new logo, inspired by the 1957 Lancia Flaminia, will be used on the Lancia Ypsilon, the brand’s first electric car, and also on the new Delta (which is also expected to be all-electric). By 2024, the brand wants the Lancia image to be completely revamped in terms of communication, offices, dealerships, and everything to do with the brand.

Lancia plans to be a fully electric brand by 2028, with its first electric launch being the Lancia Ypsilon, but as the brand’s CEO indicates, new vehicles will be launched between 2024 and 2028 to electrify its entire catalogue, with at least three models, which, in addition to the Ypsilon, are expected to be a compact and an urban SUV.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero

On the other hand, the brand has focused part of its event on the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a name that comes from the contraction of the words ‘pure’ and ‘radical’, with which Lancia wants to show its new design language for the brand’s future cars. From Lancia, they explain:

“Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is a three-dimensional manifesto that captures the essence of the new Lancia design and the vision of what the new Ypsilon, the new flagship and the new Delta will look like. Combining design, art and innovation, this sculpture is the best expression of the ‘progressive classic’ concept.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is the synthesis of composite elements: beauty and technicality, grace and character. It harmoniously combines the primary, iconic and typical forms of the Lancia tradition in a continuous dialogue between the two different but complementary souls of the brand, between the past and the future”.

They say that “the soft, pure and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia will be found in future Lancia vehicles”, combined in turn with the new modern design touches added for this new era, and with the Italian roots very much present. On the interiors, they indicate that they will be inspired by iconic Lancia cars such as the Gamma, Thema and Flavia.

With an eye on the design of future Lancia cars, a partnership with Cassina, a renowned Italian design company, has been announced. It is hoped that the partnership will result in creations that are sustainable and designed for occupant comfort.

Lancia, the New Renaissance’ Short Film

According to the company itself, Lancia aims to become “a desirable, credible and respected brand in the European premium segment”. To show the public its journey to become the brand they crave, Lancia has launched a three-part series.

The first episode, available on its social media in January, is guided by Lancia’s CEO, and takes in different important Lancia scenarios, such as the ‘Stellantis Heritage Hub’ design centre or the Venaria Castle (chosen for the ‘Lancia Design Day’), showing also its iconic models such as the Aurelia, Flaminia, Stratos, Delta and Rally 037.

The second episode will be launched on the occasion of Design Week in April next year, while the final episode will coincide with the launch of the new Ypsilon in 2024.

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