Legendary Nissan GT-R R32 goes electric

GT-R R32 prototype revealed in a teaser teaser provided by the marque

Nissan has an exciting project on its hands that will mark the beginning of a new era and the end of another, particularly for its most iconic and award-winning model in its history.

Although Nissan has not been known for being a sporty brand, years ago it carved out a niche for itself in a very difficult segment with its Nissan GT-R, a model that has evolved over the years but has kept the same essence as always. A sports car with astonishing performance and a competitive price tag.

Similarly, Nissan has its iconic Z series, very attractive sports cars with very good performance and again very competitive prices for what they offer.

However, the restrictions that will come into force in Europe in the next few years mean that these models could disappear. For example, the new Nissan Z will not be marketed in Europe precisely for this reason.

If two iconic models of the automotive industry, and especially of Nissan, such as the GT-R and the Z models are to continue to exist in the future, they will need to be fully electrified.

And it seems that Nissan is going to go down that road, as the Japanese brand recently published a video (teaser) on its Twitter account announcing the development of an all-electric prototype of the legendary R32 Skyline GT-R.

According to the tweet, it all started with the wish of a Nissan engineer who dreamed of being able to build a more exciting car by adding the latest electrification technology, resulting in the GT-R R32 EV project.

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