LEVC, responsible for London’s iconic taxis, plans to go carbon-neutral

LEVC will soon unveil its plan to become a zero-emission brand.

If the LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) brand doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the iconic London black taxis it has been responsible for for over 70 years do. While still retaining their original design, many of these London taxis are now fully electric, in line with the Geely-owned brand’s recently announced zero-carbon strategy.

Firstly, a number of new appointments will be made to continue towards this new phase for the brand, which is based in Ansty (Coventry, UK). Continuing as global CEO but now also taking on the role of CEO of LEVC in the UK, Alex Nan, said:

“LEVC now enters the next exciting stage with our new brand strategy, which will see us become a leading zero carbon mobility technology company.”


Since the launch of the TX London Taxi in 2018, LEVC has experienced rapid growth, with 9,000 global sales to date, avoiding the emission of 152,000 tonnes of CO2. In fact, in London today, LEVC’s TXs account for 82% of the taxi market, and there are currently more TXs on the road than diesel TX4s. From the brand, they conclude:

“We will build on LEVC’s unrivalled heritage and grow beyond manufacturing high-end taxis, bringing smart, green, safe and accessible mobility to more customers than ever before.”

Further details on the points of that strategy are expected in the first quarter of 2023, although LEVC has already announced that it aims to achieve 20% annual sales growth. LEVC hopes to continue to help the UK capital accelerate the transition to a zero-emission taxi fleet.

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